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Digirad Services

Bridgewater Primary Care and Cardiology has partnered with Digirad to provide our patients with on-site Nuclear Stress Testing.

Digirad provides equipment, staffing, quality control, nuclear licensing and radiopharmaceuticals to allow patients to be imaged in the comfort and convenience of our office under Dr.Terzian's direct supervision. The Digirad team is comprised of highly skilled, trained and certified nuclear medicine technologists and cardiac stress technicians. 

The Cardiolite scans (Cardiolite is the trade name for sestamibi) are tests that show how well blood is flowing to various portions of the heart muscle. These tests, so-called "nuclear perfusion studies," are generally used in conjunction with stress tests to non-invasively detect the presence of coronary artery disease (CAD) that is producing partial obstructions in the coronary arteries. Click here to learn more about Nuclear Stress Testing.

For more information about Digirad, click here.

Other Services

Bridgewater Primary Care and Cardiology is here to help you stay healthy at every stage of your adult life. Here are a few more services we offer:

Women's Health

We now offer basic Women's Health services including breast exams, pap smears and STD testing with our female Nurse Practitioner.

Baystate Physical Therapy

We have partnered with Baystate Physical Therapy to offer on-site physical therapy.

Cardiac Testing

We offer a wide range of cardiac testing including Exercise Stress Tests, Echocardiograms, and Carotid Ultrasounds.