Pulse Volume Recording (PVR)

Pulse Volume Recording Test Questions and Answers

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Pulse Volume Recording Test Near Me in West Bridgewater, MA
Pulse Volume Recording Test Near Me in Bridgewater, MA

What is a pulse volume recording test?  

A Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) Test is a study that evaluates the blood flow in your legs.  During this test an inflatable cuff (similar to a blood pressure cuff used to check the blood pressure in your arm) will be placed on your legs and inflated to measure the pressure within the arteries of your legs.  The pressure is then recorded and compared to the other leg.

Why is a pulse volume recording test performed?

A pulse volume recording (PVR) may be performed if you have known atherosclerotic disease (a buildup of plaque within your arteries causing a narrowing of your blood vessels) and intermittent pain in your legs. A PVR can assess the blood flow in your legs and identify narrowing and blockages within the arteries of your legs.

What is the preparation for a Pulse Volume Recording Test?

There is no special preparation needed for a PVR test.

When is a pulse volume recording test performed?

A PVR is performed annually to evaluate existing atherosclerotic disease and as needed throughout the year to evaluate new or worsening pain in the legs with exercise.

What if my pulse volume recording test is abnormal?

Your provider will schedule a visit with you after your test to discuss the results. If you have increased pressure within the arteries of your legs this can be managed with medications to alleviate symptoms. If you have found to have increased pressure and decreased blood flow, surgical interventions may need to be considered to restore blood flow.

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