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Reasons to Have an Echocardiogram

Reasons to Have an Echocardiogram Q&A

When you experience symptoms like chest pain, breathlessness, tightness in your chest, and discomfort in your chest. Does your primary care doctor prescribe a cardiac test? West Bridgewater, MA provides precise testing Echocardiogram, to learn more about the reasons to have an Echocardiogram, contact us or book an appointment online. We are located at 711 W Center St West Bridgewater, MA 02379.

Reasons to Have an Echocardiogram Near Me in West Bridgewater, MA
Reasons to Have an Echocardiogram Near Me in West Bridgewater, MA

Table of Contents:

What symptoms require an echocardiogram?
What is an echocardiogram used to diagnose?
What 5 abnormalities can be found on the echocardiogram?
How serious is an echocardiogram?

What symptoms require an echocardiogram?

Echocardiography is a medical technique that is used to examine the heart and blood vessels. It is a medical imaging technique that is performed using sound waves and optical images. The echocardiography procedure is routinely used in cardiovascular medicine to investigate the status of the heart and blood vessels. It can also be used to monitor the health of the heart, blood vessels, and valves, as well as to diagnose cardiovascular disease.
Your doctor will usually order an echocardiogram if you suffer from different symptoms in relation to certain diseases of the heart, or other heart issues which include:
– Heart murmur is fairly strong
– Doctor finds signs that your heart disease is getting worse, including a change in your heart murmur
– You begin to develop these symptoms of heart disease:
– Unusual tiredness
– Shortness of breath
– Fever
– Chest pain
– Dizziness
– Fainting
– Swelling within the feet, ankles, legs, or abdomen
– Fluttering, irregular, or racing heartbeat

What is an echocardiogram used to diagnose?

Echocardiograms are very important when diagnosing cardiovascular disease and heart issues in children and adults. For this particular reason, doctors will often perform echocardiograms on patients who have heart problems or who have heart disease. Echocardiograms are also often used to monitor the health of healthy adults. Here are a few important facts in regard to echocardiograms:
– Echocardiograms use sound waves to produce the images found within the heart. A doctor will then place a thin needle through the patient’s chest wall and guide the echocardiogram tube through the needle’s hole. The doctor will then inject a special solution to make the image even clearer.
– The solution helps doctors see the inside of the heart much more clearly, as well as other structures and valves within the heart. After the injection, the doctor will be able to view the heart’s structure from all angles using a series of filtered light sources. The filtered light source will allow doctors to see structures within the patient’s heart without damaging them.
– Echocardiograms can also provide detailed images of a child’s or adult’s heart, which is why doctors use this particular medical service more often, as it allows them to assess how well the heart is functioning and whether a patient has any health issues with their heart valves or not.

What 5 abnormalities can be found on the echocardiogram?

There are a few specific abnormalities that can be found and that a doctor may be searching for in regards to using the echocardiogram medical service:
– Heart valve disease
– Cardiomyopathy
– Pericardial effusion
– Other heart abnormalities

How serious is an echocardiogram?

Echocardiograms are known as heart examination that uses sound waves to examine the patient’s heart. The procedure itself is most often performed to diagnose and treat heart conditions; however, it can also help assess the health of the entire cardiovascular system.
Generally speaking, echocardiograms are very effective in helping physicians make more informed decisions in regard to the treatment of their patients.
Echocardiograms are a common medical examination procedure. This is due to its highly effective nature at detecting various health issues, both inside and outside of the cardiovascular system. For example, echocardiograms are used to screen for heart failure and diagnose valvular disease within the heart. Echocardiograms are also able to be performed at birth to check for structural heart issues within newborns.
Finally, many non-cardiac conditions will require echocardiograms as well, this is to include valvular diseases, Prinzmetal’s disease, and congenital cardiac defects.
If you are wondering about your heart health, and how it measures up in comparison to what it should be, or if you are noticing certain symptoms that you want to raise awareness about to our physicians, contact our clinic today or schedule an online appointment. We are located at 711 W Center St West Bridgewater, MA 02379.

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